Over time, the collections of SPIRIDON lighting have grown in order to continue to satisfy customers around the world.

Our collections are classified by FAMILY, each one demonstrating the know-how of our workshops. In pearl threads, blown beads or glass crystal, discover below all the incredible variations of styles that we offer harmoniously in our collections, or for your own creations.


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The luminaries in this family are composed of glass crystals, fixed on a stackable structure in nickel-plated metal.

Discover ADN, a family of modular luminaires offering an infinite number of possible combinations, making each collection unique like your DNA. ADN is not only a collection, it is also a concept in which you can express and synthesize the identity of your interior.

Let yourself be guided by your senses and compose your own sequence by modulating the different levels in glass crystal blades.



All luminaries in this family are made entirely or partially in alabaster.

Discover ALBATRE, the natural elegance of alabaster. Each collection in our family embodies the translucent beauty of this rare stone.

Subtle plays of light, soft shades and organic patterns make each piece a unique work of art. Alabaster, with its delicate texture and natural variations, brings a touch of grace to any space. Discover our collections of alabaster lighting and let yourself be seduced by the perfect alliance between art and light.

Only Alabaster

Alabaster – Glass crystals

Alabaster – Woven metal

All luminaires of this family are composed of a multitude of recycled glass balls, fixed on a nickel-plated metal structure.

Let us present you ATOME, an amazing family of lamps evoking bouquets of flowers, sparkling with a thousand lights everywhere. But what makes them so unique?

This is because ATOME is not only a unique visual identity, it’s also the product of an original manufacturing process: each of its ball is made from recycled glass, then it is blown and assembled on a thin galvanized metal structure ensuring the perfect curve of our models, with the projection of astonishing sparks of light.

Be amazed by the effects of ATOME !



All luminaires of this family are composed of a nickel-plated metal structure, entirely covered with glass corollas, fixed with a bead.

Corolle constitutes a particular universe in our collections: imagined by our studio like a harmonious set of wall lights, suspended lights or table lamps that evokes a delicate romanticism.

Available in matte or glossy version to best suit to your interior, Corolle will create a scintillating atmosphere created by a multitude of glass petals, delicately assembled upon a fine metal structure, invisible to the eye.

That’s luminous. That’s near magnificient. With Corolle, simply be dazzled.



All luminaires on this family are made up of a multitude of colored glass tiles, inserted or suspended on a nickel-plated metal structure.

Lights and colors come together with the ECAILLE family, a incredible range of luminaires all composed of delicate colored glass tiles, suspended or inserted in perfectly regular structures, creating the perfect combination of light and geometric purity.

Discover the only family of products with color tones, and in particular the “Mirror finish” and its exceptional composition, which creates a sparkling and dazzling effect like iridescent scales reflecting all the surrounding rays of light.

Glass tile

Tiles – Fixed/Hanged


All luminaires of this family are made up of long crystals arranged in a row and fixed on a circular, oval, square or rectangular structure in nickel-plated metal, covered or not with glass beads.

Imagined with long crystal lathes harmoniously arranged in various geometric profiles, FACETTE luminaires offer a variety of choices and many extensive variations of curves, sizes or even ornaments in order to make you feel the absolute dazzling simply by the object.

The audacious shapes profiled by metal structures allow those who contemplate these lights to have the impression that it comes to life through light: here definitely comes the genius of forms associated with the emotion of brilliance.




All luminaires of this family are composed of glass crystals fixed on a metal structure, entirely or partially covered with glass beads.

A unique and refined atmosphere, with sparkles between subtle shades of lights and shadows … who better than our family of FLAMBEAU models are able to warmly illuminate your interior while affirming the know-how of our workshops?

The collections that make up this family have all become essentials in interior design. Universal, timeless, these models have been shining all over the world for many years and have made the great reputation of our brand. You too, let yourself be invited by this warm and contrasting atmosphere.

Come near and dive in the middle of the incredible projections that diffuse all the models of this FLAMBEAU family.


Beads – Antic/Silver

Beads – Lightly

The luminaires in this family are made up of square glass crystals fixed on a nickel-plated metal structure.

Discover our HIRA family, where the art of design meets the precision of crystal. Each fixture embodies geometric perfection with square glass crystals beautifully arranged on a nickel-plated metal frame.

The symmetry and vibrancy of these creations bring contemporary sophistication to your space. Be inspired by the crystalline brilliance of our HIRA lighting fixtures and discover how the harmony between glass and metal creates an atmosphere of unparalleled refinement.

Square Glass Crystal

Nickeled metal structure

The lights in this family are made up of a multitude of faceted glass beads, separated by a bead and fixed in a row on a metal structure covered with glass beads.

All the charm of the baroque united in a single family of lighting !

With MARQUISE, immerse yourself in the refinement of times when elegance was an art of living; in this family of products, all the glass beads that make up the lights are delicately faceted, then arranged in impressive lines in a way that pearls enhance their sparkles.

All of this, combined with the characteristic curved shapes of this style, definitely creates an exquisite impression of voluptuousness, fineness and delicate luxury.



All luminaires of this family are composed of a nickel-plated metal structure, on which strands of beads of different lengths are attached and extended by a drop of glass.

Discover the MUYE family, immediately recognizable by its unique and amazing manufacturing: the exceptional composition of the family’s luminaires creates an impression of a shower of light that shines along suspended wires, all covered with pearls and extended by a glassdrop – particularity of this product line.

In addition the visual feeling that emerges is unique: waterfalls, droplets, showers… It’s not a random fact if we named our models with so evocative names.

MUYE definitely is the meeting of light and water.



All luminaires of this family are composed of a nickel-plated metal structure, on which are fixed shiny glass crystals, or transparent or matt raw glass petals.

Which better collection among our products than the PETALE family can evoke the richness of floral art ?

As a real homage to the beauty that nature offers, but always in our particular ranges of glass craftsmanship, we have been able to present here the shaping of cut crystals by combining them with the liveliness of raw glass to create budding models, all in elegance and serenity.

The watchword of this family definitely is beauty, a beauty that takes its source at the rendezvous of floral art with light.